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Departments       - Nirala, Irresistable Temptations.  
Like any professional organization, the working at Nirala also follows a well planned organogram. The Nirala Group comprises of the following departments:

 Finance & Accounts
 Human Resource
 Milk Procurement
 Quality Assurance
 Retail Store
 Shop Operations
 Store & Procurement
 Supply & Distribution

Efficient management of all administrative affairs of Nirala Group of Companies is the job of the Administration department. From legal matters to general day-to-day operations of the office, the Administration department ensures that all affairs run smoothly.

The Finance and Accounting departments at Nirala are responsible for the total financial management of the different businesses of the Group. From the usual accounting statements and sheets to risk and portfolio management, the team ensures that every rupee coming into and out of the Companies' pockets is properly documented and audited.

The Human Resource department at Nirala spearheads the recruitment process to ensure that the finest human resource is taken on board at Nirala. Resumes of candidates are carefully filed and documented for current or future reference. The department, besides carrying out succession planning, maintains and implements HR policies pertaining to employment, retention and superannuation. Assessing training needs of employees and ensuring adequate training is also carried out by the professional HR team at Nirala.

Consisting of leading marketing professionals of the industry, who are graduates of top business schools of Pakistan, the Marketing Department ensures that from product need identification to product development, launch and post-launch, all strategic decisions are made based on authentic information and research. Identifying the target markets, effectively communicating to them and building the image of the brands as well as the Companies, is the job of the professionals running the marketing at Nirala.

As more than 90% of our food products are milk based, the entire Milk Procurement department plays a critical role in defining the quality of the end product that reaches our customers. Ensuring regular collection of fresh and pure milk right from the farmer to the factory and ascertaining the freshness of milk all across the milk procurement process, is the responsibility of Milk Procurement department, consisting of food technologists working at the collection centers and veterinary doctors providing service to the farmers.

The MIS department at Nirala ensures that all automation is running error-free at all times. Regularly modifying and updating the Company's accounting software is also the MIS team's responsibility.

Modern technology is part and parcel of Production at Nirala. More than 20% of Mithai production at Nirala Sweets is carried out at automated plants, either imported from abroad or custom-made in the country. Fresh and crisp snacks products of Nirala Snacks (Pvt.) Ltd., are prepared and packaged on modern machines as well. As far as Nirala Dairy (Pvt.) Ltd., is concerned, the state-of-the-art plant set up at Tandlianwala near Faisalabad, has a processing capacity of more than 300,000 litres of milk per day, making it one of the largest in the country. Professionally qualified human resource efficiently works night and day to maintain highest hygiene standards.

Quality Assurance is strictly followed in all companies of Nirala Group. Be it Nirala Sweets, Nirala Dairy or Nirala Snacks, qualified food technologists at this department ensures that highest quality parameters are adhered to through all steps of production and that the products reach the consumers as per promise.

Whereas Shop Operations is the sales force of Nirala Sweets, the Retail Sales are responsible for the sale of all products of Nirala Dairy and Nirala Snacks at all leading retail outlets in the cities and towns where Nirala has entered. At the moment, Nirala Dairy and Nirala Snacks products are sold at more than 30000 retail shops across more than 50 cities of Pakistan.

All operations of Nirala's 22 company managed outlets are run by the shop operations department. This department, in simpler terms, is the sales force of the business. It includes professionally trained front-line salesmen at the shops, experienced floor managers, area managers, headed by a General Manager. Identifying strategically new locations and opening new shops is also done by this team.

The Stores & Procurement department working under Nirala Sweets is responsible primarily for procurement of all raw and packaging material and keeping its record for Nirala Sweets and Café Gowalmandi.

This department falls under Nirala Sweets and ensures timely and effective distribution of the products to the chain of Nirala Sweets stores spread all across Pakistan. From transportation management to obtaining route permits and approvals, is done by this department.


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